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Suicide by drowning is the act of deliberately submerging oneself in water or other liquid to prevent breathing and deprive the brain of oxygen. Its putrid fragrance and rich flavor comes with enough toxin to kill you if you eat about 22 pounds. Also if your too much of a 'wuss to hang myself or jump a building' then you probably just shouldn't kill yourself, obviously you're holding back for a REASON. I've been at the point where I had it all planned out to kill myself. If you do kill yourself, you'll have no idea how many people will grieve losing you. Having a broken bone is NOT as fun as it seems you can not bathe as easily, casts itch teriblly, when you get your cast taken off you will have to work on getting your arm to function properly. For confidential support available 24/7 for everyone in the United States, call 1-800-273-8255. There is no painless way to kill yourself, it will hurt more then you are hurting right now. And while many people may find How do die May 14th, 2010 by EmoChick. Access fairly easy in a city, otherwise difficult. Hi Jessica, i may not have gone through what you have, but i have tried to kill myself thre times, and i seriously strongly suggest you to never even try notice that noone here is answering your question except that stoopid dumb**s who said to jump into a volcano that person is seriously an idiot. No matter how down you are, find someone, anyone to talk to today. We’re not afraid of going into difficult areas with you, and we’ll take you seriously whether you’re having a few thoughts or have made clear plans to end your life. Best Answer: I'll try and give you some ways to kill yourself painlessly. I tried to kill my self the other day by over dosing and didnt succed sadly 🙁 I need another plan the most i did was throw up and know I really want to end it get off this place i call hell. God's Warning you:God send people from everywhere with written words,(including myself),to help you see your way to truth). 8255. By asking for pointers, it's almost as if you're asking for permission to die. If it comes back, you may want to have it looked at Suicide maybe painless for the the person after the event, but the refrain says that "I can take it or leave it". I want to kill myself. Thank you so much for this talk you’ve really helped me I was currently looking at site so that I could kill myself in the most painless way but you really helped me thank you. Neither the body nor the sensations feel the pain of a dying person, The people around you watching you die feel trumatic sensation and pain. if your parents have a gun and you know how to use it, that could work or virtually any weapon. A technique to end your life might be painless for you, however suicide is extremely traumatic for the people who are left behind. legal. Join a prayer group or a social club (yoga, gym, etc). Disclaimer: Crank does not take responsibility for any inaccurate or just plain wrong information contained herein. this is my room-a deathtrap in waiting. Please read the description for more information. I took pills and was ICU on life support for 3 days. tried to kill myself. yeah that would be awsome. How to Die Peacefully. No guns, no drowning, no harming. I cannot kill myself, but if someone else chose to kill me, I would accept, at least now, when it is not going so well. I do admit, that in my rat control process, I kill rats myself, by using lethal snap traps. Rouge5 No Longer a Noob. People use drugs to briefly step out of reality. Below given is the list by which one can die in least painful way. At Christmas a couple of years ago. There is no "painless" "quick" and "clean" way to kill yourself that is easily available. I used to work as a Registered Nurse on psychiatric units in hospitals for 20 years and have seen all ways to kill yourself fail and leave the person worse of than before. yayornayy 09/28/2017. I'm a loser and I have to die, so I want to kill myself. There’s No Painless Way to Kill Yourself. g. They are carried out in basically the same manner: put the removal substance directly on the wart, every day or several times a day, and wait for the wart to fall off. I'm sick and tired of it. In the Peaceful Pill eHandbook you can find contact information of reliable sellers that can ship Pentobarbital to you in a discrete package. If you are fortunate to have adequate income, consider traveling to a developing country to do charity. Newer Post Older Post Home. I am so sorry to know that you are feeling that bad. Home Market Barrel Room Trophy Room An exit bag is objectively the best way to kill yourself, completely painless and just feels like you're falling asleep. Drugs that Can Kill You in 5 Minutes. org! Turkey Suicide Hotlines, Turkey Suicide Hotlines, Turkey Suicide Hotlines, Turkey Suicide Hotlines, Turkey Suicide 7 Jun 2017 Anesthesia has become an extremely popular way of killing, which is why it stands at number five in our list of 7 Easiest Painless Ways of Killing Yourselves 20 Nov 2017 I typed: “How to kill myself and make it look like an accident”. I do just about the same thing everyday, then when my mother comes home she takes her anger our of me. This is the medication they use in all suicide clinics and hospitals where they perform euthanasia. I'm glad that I did survive because my life has improved so much up to this point. The best and painless way for suicide is to keep aloof, not discuss your problems with anyone and always look at yourself with self pity. i know that alot of guys would just go find someone else but im not like that. Ihatemylife Mar 06 2013 10:13am FLAG I typed: “How to kill myself and make it look like an accident”. This is one part of a five part Suicide Methodes File (or, for short, the Suicide FAQ). It may seem odd or even cruel to say that prolonged deaths like those from certain kinds of cancer are a "good" way to die. There is hope, there is light. • shooting yourself in the head. I stumbled accross this newsgroup hoping to find the answer to this question. This is a discussion on I want to kill myself within the Suicide forums, part of the Suicide Forums category; Life is just so AUGHHT)(&*"(*^$. This whole I've done thousands of hours of research for you on suicide, painless suicide, putting out a hit on myself, even faking an accidental death. I suppose in my mental state maybe this isn't the best advice but I suppose this is pretty easy to answer. Whether that was by running a car engine continuously in an enclosed space like a garage, or by running a pipe from the exhaust directly into the car, again, ideally in a garage. I myself have researched this and a good place to start if you are serious is to do a google search for "exit bag". Please promise me that you will talk to someone about how you are feeling. 1 Take a Shot in the Head. I go to a private school/college,and it is a really show more I am Suicide Forum is a free peer support forum and live chat room - if you feel like you need someone to talk to about suicidal feelings, come and join us. There is no painless way really. It's a natural thing, but that's not even the issue. All my life I’ve talked about how we must, as individuals, sacrifice for the common good: be willing to take the extra time to use mass transit to do our part to Sticking your head into an oven, or at least sitting quietly in your easy chair with the (unlit) gas jets on and the windows closed, was once a standard suicide method on stage, screen, and in Even in the case of a person who has deliberately decided to kill themselves, something in the person's subconscious may work to sabotage the attempt. I f you were going to kill yourself, how would you do it? You could jump off a bridge, or leap in front of a subway, or shoot yourself in the head. How much Temazepam is required to kill myself? Ok so dont try and talk me out of it i've decieded to kill myself due to a bunch of various reasons. My (unsuccessful, of course) method of trying to kill myself, about eight and a half years ago, was to ingest one full bottle of sleeping pills and a quart of gin. But don't give him joy, for (your sorrow and pain). Yeah, I wanted out, real bad. As I said earlier, this may hit a few sensitive nerves. The other sections are Chemical poisons, Gasses and Fumes, Physical methods, and the Resource section. Should i just kill myself? if you have found this quiz, it is likely that you have or are considering killing yourself, and feel like killing yourself now. Because if you kill yourself you will find out just how real God is. by Andrew S Adams. Does anyone know which was is the easiest, cleanest and painless way to go? The execution of convicted murderer Albert Greenwood Brown was called off Wednesday, in part because of continuing legal wrangling over the constitutionality of lethal injection in California. 8:39pm: Australia How to kill myself quick and painless with household items from Items tagged as Australia Meme. if you dead then you will creat trouble for your family. i just need to know some way, anyway that is mostly painless to kill myself because ive been through so much pain and cant take anymore of it. I literally said to myself, “Carrie, you either kill yourself today or you need to do whatever you need to do to get better, because this is no way to live. fast and almost painless is gassing yourself. Everything cleaned up, a list of what I owned and who it was suppose to go to , etc. it's just 8:00 in the morning and I'm already thinking of ways to hang myself the school bathroom. A Junkie Dies It is harder to deal with the sudden death of a loved one than a death that gives warning. Point Blank. Stand outside of the Liqour store, and pay a bum a couple of dollars to buy you a $8 bottle of 151. 1 1:18 PM What are the most painless ways to kill yo Feb 7, 2018 What is the fastest way to commit suicide Aug 9, 2017 What are ways to painlessly commit suici Jun 9,2017 Presidential alert Received: Oct 3,1:18 PM THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. Today, I just typed in those same words – Google spat out 937 000 Best Answer: Things seem hard at this age but I promise they get better. It's definitely one of the stinkiest ways to die. So to kill yourself most effectively, you need to shoot yourself at the base of the head in the back, rather than, as is traditional, into the side of the head. humane, painless, carbon monoxide. I typed: “How to kill myself and make it look like an accident”. Read on. It was a terrible failure of imagination. Things you use or enjoy everyday could kill you. if you tried to kill yourself either you will die or survive. . They take time, usually several weeks. Many, many years ago, a colleague - we called him the Prof, killed himself in his office using a drug he had obtained from the hospital where we both worked. Whats the best way to kill myself What are the most painless ways to kill yourself? - Quora. no, dont kill yourself. Decapitation is quick and painless if you have the stomach for it, but you also need to know what you're doing. I know that there is someone that loves you and cares for you. The killing method should be quick and as painless as possible. Best Answer: Ok these answers so far are noble but not exactly what is being asked for. I know that 90% of the people will call me mad. Theres people out there Starving and dying of thirst. probably ammonia and bleach, wont be pleasant but its still better then hanging or tube in the tail pipe Breaking your wrist on perpose is not a good idea no matter why you want to. A while ago a 13 year old asked for help killing herself on her web page. You don’t have to chat with anyone. How to kill yourself A place to go Someone to talk to Space to rest and think If you are looking at this page, it's because you are one of thousands of people who think about killing themselves every year. A very practical survival guide by an actual survivor. A 27-year-old paramedical personnel without any comorbidities, working as an assistant in the operation theater, was found to be drowsy and drenched in sweat with bradycardia (34 beats/min) and hypotension (80/50 mm of Hg). If you really wanted to kill yourself, you could do it. I'm 13, I would be your friend if I knew you! It all gets better please don't harm yourself How can i kill myself painlessly ? I am a 15 year old girl i know you will say:"think about your family",but my family is the reason. I used a . Here's what you've got to know to keep your family safe. You could jump off a bridge, or leap in front of a subway, or shoot yourself in the head. There is no such thing as a painless suicide. think about all the people that would miss you. Addicts light up to escape the real world for a moment. 40 Reasons to NOT Commit Suicide. It can be an allergic reaction to something. I I used to have all grades A's, school was one of the only things i was good at,but now at the end of the first semester i have 1 C and 2 B's. You will need to kill the live insects you capture before putting them into your collection. I tried to kill myself and I failed. To help you make the right decision. Suicidal teens turn to Tylenol. Thoughts of killing yourself can be complex, frightening and confusing. I ask because some seem less painful than others. JUST DON'T. ,without a name or anything the a girl assumes that i threatened to kill her even if i did not? 32% - I have painless bumps on my pubic are? By opting not to kill yourself, you are going against the word and plan of the creator. You can either then overdose them on it or use vodka to poison them. I want to kill myself because I'm getting bullied at school and I tell so many adults but they do nothing. You can also call the Lifeline at any time to speak to someone and get support. You'll never think of dryer lint the same way again. On the other hand, I dont want to die because I do have a relationship with God and I dont want to throw my life back in his face as though to say, "This gift isnt good enough for me. He went down very fast and I'm convinced he didn't feel any pain. Pentobarbital is the best medication for ending your life in a painless way. LIES! please do no longer kill your self, locate help! there are uncomplicated and unfastened centers who help depressed and suicidal human beings. I want to kill myself without my parents finding out what I did. If you are thinking about how to kill yourself quickly you must be serious about trying to kill yourself. You must be feeling like it is not worth trying anymore. im an absolute BITCH and i fucking hate myself im 17 but ive felt this Totally painless if high enough, but very frightening. By keeping the choice of suicide, it means that you never commit it. People would go through soo much for a life like yours. Best Friends Animal Society *Note: We’ve edited out the name of the medication in our post and in the screen grab of the original article. yeah I'm gonna kill myself. Things have been so incredible since then that I sometimes wonder if I’m the main character in some weird existentialist movie and that there’ll be a twist ending in which the audience will realize that I really did kill myself that day. The most painless way to die is it die peacefully. 14 Seemingly Harmless Things That Could Actually Kill You. I want to know a way to kill myself very fast and painless so that i don't have to deal with it every day. I have no desire to kill myself but think jk asking for myself SudokuMaster, May 1, 2015. To help you accept Christ AS YOUR DELIVERER from death dark path. 75 seconds. Will I have to go to hell or reincarnate if I do?" The very easiest, and most tempting for some, of the top 10 easiest ways to kill yourself is definitely smoking which causes many of the most common and lethal diseases in the world from lung cancer, to heart problems to throat cancer. Back to Gallery Her son later told her he learned on the Internet that he could kill himself with Tylenol, she said. Some people believe that jumping off a bridge, like the Golden Gate bridge, is a somewhat exciting and painful way to die. Or you could use clove oil which knocks them out cold. 0; I gave my 11 year old daughter important advice the other day: there’s no painless way to kill yourself. Ask someone to decapitate you with one blow. how to kill myself painless well im 21 years old and i find out that, the girl that i loved and still love. My daughters friend hung herself and then her mom did, because of the pain she felt losing her daughter. Jawaban Terbaik: Don't kill yourself! I know I am a stranger, but I care about you! Your life has value in this world. OK, I understand that a suicide attempt is not a suicide attempt if the end desire is not death, but stick with me here, I have a point. There are painless ways to die, but killing yourself is a different matter. If ever I should kill you I should have to kill myself too. The obvious drawback is that I would have to go through the whole beurocratic and time-consuming criminal justice system, and I would get a bunch of bad publicity that I wouldn't want. At 9/11/05 05:48 AM, fsdfds wrote: I want to kill myself but I am very fear of pain and death. Edward Gauvin is the translator of Georges-Olivier Châteaureynaud’s A Life on Paper: Stories . From what I understand, if you are going to kill yourself the quickest, easiest and most painless way to do it is with a shotgun blast to the head; That being said, if you screw up and don't shoot yourself square-on, you will be in a world of pain. Chances are pretty good, if you visited ASH, you weren’t referred for professional help. "Steven"'s Suspension Hanging Reference. It’s not worth it. Alternatively, you can insert the knife behind the skull and sever the spinal cord and vertebrae, which is less messy than a full decapitation. Well, that’s probably true most of the time. this is an allusion to Vietnam, the song rejects defeatism but acknowedges the sufering and the want to get out of it. humane home remedy: place the pet in a box with a personal item like shirt, run vacuum cleaner hose from car exhaust, run car until pet is gone to the next life. Humans were meant to work and sweat to earn a living. Hi, This is my 1st post. No matter how your break your wrist it will be painful and not cheap to fix. How can i kill myself quick and painless? 19% - If i posted on facebook kill killl kill. 24 Apr 2015 Please don't give up. Re: 100 ways to kill yourself I would either try to catch a road runner or die from 9000 orgasms. I know there’s no painless way to kill yourself but what’s the most effective way to die. My life is miserable. i can tell you a thousand ways to kill yourself painlessly but I won't because even if I don't know you 'I care about you 'we all go through challenges in life that makes us not wanting to live anymore and wanting us to give up . I am looking for the quickest, most painless way to kill myself that doesn't involve a gun. Fucking BS, your lungs screaming for air, I don't think any suicide is painless, especially for the people you are leaving behind. 31 Aug 2018 Nobody's going to offer you an infallible, painless and ideal way to kills yourself, both because it would be irresponsible to do so, and because I gave my 11 year old daughter important advice the other day: There's no painless way to kill yourself. People think one is the most painless, taking dozens of pain pills or whatever, but your body tends to wait until you're unconscious and then vomits them back up. If you are the original creator of material featured on this website and want it removed, please contact the webmaster. Some things are best left to the healthcare providers who do it on a regular basis. hahaha,. you'd be well advised to The site teaches you the most efficient and painless ways to kill yourself through simple downloads. 02-04-2013, 11:31 AM #2 ~Seraphim ~ View Profile View Forum Posts I am not going to kill I want to kill myself soon but I don't want to make a big mess for my family to clean up. Any good suggestion? Any good suggestion? I can understand wanting to die but being afraid of the pain. In the coming weeks I'll also be featuring some of Gauvin's articles on the Belgian School of the Strange (appearing now at Small Beer Press's Not a Journal ). just add, mix and combine this with a dangerous mind. But yeah, as others on this thread have said, don't do it boi life is worth living (probably) But I know I should kill myself. I've been debating this for months and I believe this is what God is telling me to do. Probably the fastest & most reliable way to kill oneself is to jump off a 20+ story (200'+) building and land face first on concrete (people have survived by landing on taxi cabs & trash cans, so try to avoid those lol). This is your luck day because like a cheap coupon, death is on sale today. I want to kill myself before I become homeless. The theme song from the movie M-A-S-H is titled "Suicide," and the lyrics go: "Suicide is painless, It brings on many changes. We’re not in the business of telling people how to kill cats. Charcoal-burning suicide is suicide by burning charcoal in a closed room or area. In this Article: Article Summary Managing Your Pain Making Arrangements Making the Most of Your Last Days Community Q&A Managing emotional and physical pain is the most difficult part of end-of-life care. I was so tired that I had lost the energy to daydream. Trust me, you don’t want to be on His bad side. A bullet travels so fast that your skull would just expload and you wouldn't feel a thing. six ways to kill yourself using common household items. 22 Jun 2016 Jodie Anne Jose researched suicide methods before killing herself (Image: SWNS) Jodie had researched how to die painlessly on a phone and written . “I have wanted to kill myself, every day, for the last three months. Life is way better now, and I have a lot of the markings of outward success (house, family, meaningful job, all that Best Answer: Your such a selfish bastard. It is very d The most lethal areas of the brain to shoot are the most evolutionarily primitive, since these are the areas which control the heart beat and respiration rather than thought. Suicide is final. He is the only reason why I am still here today. That's something I can't--nor can anyone else--give you. Thus on advancing we have also advanced in developing the very fast and easiest way to die here are the following ways. A Site on Painless Methods of Committing Suicide A True Painless Method of Committing Suicide (Easiest and Simplest Painless Suicide Method) HOW TO USE THIS WEB SITE : This web site is divided into 21 main sites as represented by the twenty one yellow buttons on the top of each page. 8chan /b/ - Random - I want to kill myself, but I am afraid of what happens after death. Instead of sitting around all day asking people for ways how to kill your self you should be out looking for a job. it's pretty fucking selfish actually. ” That was the moment I decided to take back control of my life. If you are searching for ways to kill yourself and you want to commit suicide, we first want you to think about why you feel this way. dont just give away your life! please, even though i dont know you, just please no, dont do it Anyway, on with Painless! To OldSFfan: He does indeed, it's one of the hallmarks of their friendship. National suicide prevention lifeline. Although these methods are cheap, easy, and painless, they are not instant or quick. To humanely kill a fish, decapitate it by holding the head down and severing it with a powerful motion from a sharp knife. no way of killing yourself will be painless, but there are quick ways and almost painless ways. Whether you be suicidal folk, looking for a quick, sure, economical, and "painless" way to die, or are some conservative prick hoping to stifle my words. is going out with another boy, and i cant take it anymore I mean, if I were going to kill myself, I certainly wouldn't ask for pointers. 01. Easily discovered if seen on/near roof/windows. Getting shot in the head is theoretically in an instantaneous death and therefore painless, but the reality is much different. 800. Believe it or not, I get a lot of searches on this site by people searching for ways to attempt suicide and not die (their words). an overhead beam or hook) by a ligature or by jumping from a height with a noose around the neck. You've definitely used at least one today. I cant find anything on how to kill myself painlessly. of course people fear it, but it's tricky to find a painless way. Could you imagine a world without you ,do you want your parents to suffer for the rest of their lives,think about your friends and how this will impact them ,think Please don't give up. Suicide methods: or How to come off Painless way to kill yourself February 10th, 2017 by goneplus3. And he will judge you and because you committed suicide he will send you to hell. beware though, decomposition is fast forwarded and you turn into a pile of goo for your family to clean up. Inspired by this Reddit thread. For those willing to know, here are the 10 easiest painless ways of killing yourselves quickest. Ask someone to Kill you when you're passed out. If you get, give. ” This is the entirety of an email that I received from a reader of mine. In this case, severe to permanent bodily damage can occur as well as blood loss, organ and tissue damage, and brain damage. Kill Yourself, also known in plural as Kill Yourselves, is phrase that is commonly used in online discussions in response to incompetent and/or pathetic remarks, statements, or images, with the purpose of telling those who it is directed at that they should just kill themselves for having said or done something so pathetic. I thought topping myself would be a painless way but apparently even that gives chronic abdominal pain. In reality, there are few ways to kill oneself which are truly painless. My life sucks. Many years ago, I tried to kill myself by ODing on a large cocktail of different pills. If you are asking how to kill yourself painlessly, you are living with more emotional pain than most people can imagine. By using our own input, as well ideas from other random GCHS students and faculty, we were determined to compile a list of 101. " {how to kill yourself slowly} christina bergling There are so many ways to kill yourself without taking a razor to your wrist or tightening the noose around your neck. The holy grail seems to be painless methods of suicide, and people will go to great lengths to find a method that might achieve that. Mit der GMX Suche schnell und einfach im Internet finden. A young woman researched 'how to die painlessly' on her smartphone before committing suicide, an inquest heard. End it - and you’re done. How I Stayed Alive When My Brain Was Trying to Kill Me: One Person's Guide to Suicide Prevention by Susan Rose Blauner (William Morrow, ISBN 0066211212). Jodie Anne Jose, 22, had a history of depression when she went missing from her Pentobarbital is the best medication for ending your life in a painless way. But sleeping pills, carbon monoxide, jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge—those methods, more peaceful, more serene, also provide that I know we have a thread about the most painless, but what's the safest? If I sound like a dummy for this, that's fine, you can treat me like one. C ASE R EPORT. The first memory was one of me about to kill myself with a bullet to the head. It is of my own invention for a quick, painless, and clean exit from this world. (car, hose, duct tape). Lucky for me i didn't know any ways to kill yourself so i sufered with the pain. Suicide by hanging is the act of intentionally killing oneself via suspension from an anchor-point or ligature point (e. how to kill myself painless I think 4chan had some picture to do the most painless way but NO OP SUICIDE IS NOT A JOKE, DON'T DO IT 100) Because I've got 1,000 good reasons to hate myself. 3. I lost my kids to stupidity and can't get them back. I don't want any comments saying don't do it because I am my life is so terrible I've been abused from my mother since I was 7 and my she kicked me out of her house. It's one of the easiest as long as you don't freak out. Anonymous says: May 29, 2017 at 2:02 am How to Kill Yourself Painlessly. What is the fastest way to kill myself? The Problem: I've been wanting to kill myself, and don't know the fastest way of doing that. Justin Kenny and myself tried to think of as many ways a person could possibly kill themselves. 1-800-273-8255. The method is described as "easy and painless" compared to other suicide methods. Results From Failure: Sometimes the blast isn't enough to kill. accident"; "top 20 suicide methods: fastest and painless suicide methods…". A sleeping pill overdose, thanks to the tranquilizing and anesthetic qualities of those medications, can kill a person without pain or agony, which is also the reason why it is very common in suicide cases --- one of which is the death of Marilyn Monroe. Welcome, all of you. and if you survived then it will be trouble for you. If you decide to stay alive, then we can actually help you to overcome constant suicidal thoughts like "I want to kill myself", "I want to die", and learn the joy of life. This feature is not available right now. Ihre Suchmaschine für Webseiten, Dokumente und mehr – powered by Google. An alcoholic takes another drink to revisit that “better place” the beverage creates for him. Also, this will be totally painless, gun shot to the head you cant feel, but you'll be so topped up on pills, you wont know what the hell is going on. Oxygen deprivation to the suggestions is doubtless certainly one of the cleanest, and least painful, such as drowning, choking or Carbon monoxide poisoning. Know the answer to your problem is not suicide but to seek out professional counseling. Suicide maybe painless for the the person after the event, but the refrain says that "I can take it or leave it". atleast you're not homeless in the street with no food. Please try again later. It was intended to offer practical information to rational adults suffering from terminal or debilitating illnesses (and not from depression or emotional distress). “What about with a gun?” she said. No, if you use purer carbon monoxide, you're very unlikely to suffer any headache. carotid compression" bag can i kill myself by partial suspension painless hang myself painless hanging painless hanging yourself Re: Painless way to kill a chicken I have tried several ways,(not this way yet) and i find the killing cones and the pvc cutters the quickest and easiest for me. Please tell me most painless and easier way to kill myself. If you really want to kill yourself without pain, here is what you do. There are a lot more than you think. There are dozens of chemicals that can render you friendless, jobless and despondent—if not outright kill you—all by themselves. Do not destroy your life and soul,( as mentioned,Satan will be happy when you give up and kill yourself). Also, the killing method should not ruin the insect's appearance. How to Kill Yourself Painlessly You must be in a lot of pain right now. Painless Self-Euthanization Disclaimer: This webpage is designed solely for the purpose of offering the terminally ill a painless method of self-euthanization for those who live in a territory where physician-assisted suicide is legal. Best Answer: NO And why would you do a stupid selfish thing like that to begin with? If your looking for attention, you will get it but all for the wrong reasons I am Catholic. Quick video of how to take yourself out quickly. " thanks for your concern, I agree that once you kill yourself you may be out of pain but the pain will go onto other, I agree 100%, it is not me indicating that I will kill myself, it was just that it came up in conversation at work. Since parking in safe-looking spots is about as effective as wishing on a star, installing a well-­hidden kill switch is a smart way to deter potential thieves. I also thought about killing myself for many years afterward but chose not to… because I didn’t want my son to be without a mom. to kill myself- all rated according to difficulty, anticipated pain, cleanup, etc. I'm 13, I would be your friend if I knew you! It all gets better please don't harm yourself If you’re here reading The Fix, you already know that substances of abuse can make a mess of people's lives. All of the standard methods have a decent chance of going horrifically wrong and being incredibly painful, or worse, leaving you still alive but in a broken body. (I haven't tried it). Don Rumata. NlGHTCRAWLER As guilty as I feel to answer this question, there are a few ways to die without pain. I also cut my wrist. Its not that bad you have your health. I do know someone who died in her sleep. . Till you're old and you're ready, death would come naturally just like each and every one of us. 7 Best Ways to Kill Yourself! thanks now i have better ways to kill myself March 12, 2018 at 2:02 PM Post a Comment. Information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitue for advice from a physician and/or other healthcare professional. Acetaminophen can kill your cat Acetaminophen can be found in many over-the-counter pain relievers and other medications, and cats are especially sensitive to toxicity. Nothing is worth taking your life. I've considered slitting my wrists (as I've been an active cutter for 10 years) but every time I get in the bathtub with the razor I'm worried about the pain. " "He said that I'm not an He was in a fair amount of pain, so I had to put him down myself, rather than put him through the pain of a ride to the vet. «I want to commit suicide» Suicide methods: or How to come off ‘No weapon…kills immediately’. It carries enough venom to kill 26 human adults within minutes and the bites are often painless, so many victims realize they have been bitten only when paralysis sets in. i want a painless way to killmyself i want to kill myself. - Kill somebody, turn myself in, and request the death penalty. In addition, by refusing to kill yourself even though God has already willed it, you might break the space-time continuum and might initiate a series of events like creating a black hole which would There are many ways to die some are painful and some are painless. I want to kill myself cause I am a nuisance to my family. I’m only holding on because I think me killing myself might upset my parents. [Re: 2fukd] I want to kill myself. They want to lock me away in a funny farm then deal with me. If you have eaten something differant then that could have caused it. 16 Common Household Items That Could Kill You. Basically what I want is to fall asleep and never wake up. How to kill yourself like a man. Internal sources and ability of a human organism is almost unlimited, which is obviously shown under the stressful conditions, and attempts of suicide are among it. Firstly, PLEASE DO NOT KILL YOURSELF! Now, I have no idea how you must feel, but please just hear me out. This article is strictly for those who are looking into ideas for a writing a short story. I was applying for a job to become a suicide prevention counselor the other day, when the guy interviewing me started bitching about how boring his job had become. Let's say you have one of your bi-annual urges to unglue yourself from the couch and get into shape. Potassium Cyanide. While wrong on number one (several vets in my area make themselves available for at-home euthanasias, including myself), they’d be right on number two — by referencing number one. Today, I just typed in those same words – Google spat out 937 000 results in 0. NOTE: This is a transcript of a how-to videotape Jerry made shortly before his death. Thank you. Quick and painless is not how things work when one commits suicide. Do you want to be in the hospital hooked up to tubes fighting cancer or aids. Google pulled up a large number of results, and quickly. If you’re looking for painless ways to end your life, here are top five ways to suicide – no pain, easy peasy. I have not tried any of these suicide methods so please do not hold me liable if they fail to work for you. Life is Worth Living. Better Dying Through Chemicals. I survived. Heck, I know the perfect way to die almost. On the other hand, the puffer fish is only lethal if you want to eat it, but if it is well prepared, meaning the venom is taken out, the only thing that’s left is the I tried to kill myself because it seemed like the easiest way to be free. General guide (specific instructions are given later on) [] Probably the easiest way to use inert gases for suicide is to enter a tube tent with a gas cylinder, flush the tent with any of the three gases, and seal the ends of the tube. there are times Christopher Robbins/Photodisc/Getty. Argon is the best painless way, rent a small tank at a welding supply Preamble. Man tells his mum 'I'm going to kill myself' before driving into wall at This is probably the quickest and easiest way to kill yourself, because a gunshot to It's a very easy and painless way to die, you're more likely to get struck by The holy grail seems to be painless methods of suicide, and people will go to great likely to hurt yourself by attempting suicide than to succeed killing yourself. How much pain and suffering can you be undergoing by not having a job? Who is dependent upon you - other than yourself? And because the question is so stupid, you are probably still living at home. View in context But I swear to you, before God who hears us, that if you betray me, and my enemies pardon me, I will kill myself , while accusing you of my death. I might have a bit of a death wish but I'm not going to try and kill myself with smoking or drinking or behaving in any way recklessly. Hi I've decided I want to kill myself. There’s more to live for. So you head to the gym and hit that shit hard-- treadmill, exercise bike, weight lifting, the rack just, everything. 2. Need to talk to someone? 1. I was hoping to think of something that was quick and painless but I can't find one that meets all of my criteria. 273. I know you've had it rough, but trust me people CAN and WILL help you. The only people he ever hears from anymore are 14 year old girls who try to overdose on Tylenol. 22 pistol and shot him in the back of the head. If you cannot find help, this article should help guide you in the right direction. Your so lucky and you dont even know it. how to kill myself painlessTurkey Suicide Hotlines - Suicide. This method will make things a mess, but it can be achieve painless death. this quiz could help you to make that decision on whether or not it is time to let go, or give you advice on how to turn your life around. This leaves you alive, sleeping in a puddle of puke, next to your suicide note which, absent a corresponding suicide, will just sound gay. I gave my 11 year old daughter important advice the other day: there’s no painless way to kill yourself. Death is painless. Please talk to someone. The suicide bag, or "helium hood" method, consists of placing a large bag over the head and securing it around the neck, while a tube feeds helium into the hood. Like hunting sharks while, bleeding, YEAH BABY! If you’re in crisis, there are options available to help you cope. Crank does, however, happily take responsibility for any deaths and/or injuries which are the direct result of making this information available to the public. Because there's no such thing as a fool-proof, painless way of offing yourself -- even a well-placed head shot may not kill you instantly, and it could very well leave you alive, crippled, and suffering. "What about with a gun?" she said. How to Kill Rats I understand, you have a rat problem, and you want to kill the rats. None of these idiots are answering your question what you should do is shoot yourself in the head that is almost painless or i reccomend jumping off a building from a high point or any other ways that could be filled with pain just get drunk and do them it makes it painless. 5) Get a freaking job!! This may seem the weirdest way to kill oneself. You have only one life. Once you take your life, that’s it. I was there watching myself from an outside perspective. Due to the body's natural tendency to come up for air, drowning attempts often involve the use of a heavy object to overcome this reflex. If you are suicidal and thinking “I Want To Die” or “I Want to Kill Myself,” the most important thing is that you get help for yourself. Would it be fast if I buy a gun and shoot myself dead? This site is best viewed while logged in. First off, if you’re reading this, I’m sure there is something going on in your life – possibly something bad. National suicide  easy fast suicide, easy painless suicide, easy suicide, easy suicide methods, how to commit suicide painlessly, how to die, I attempted suicide, I kill myself, . So the solution is to get the most painless and simple DYI way to die. Lethal injection is supposedly painless. Which chemicals will kill me quickly without too much pain??? Someone once emailed me this question: "I am depressed and want to kill myself. Before letting you all in the most painless way to commit suicide, here’s a list of the most common way to have a DYI Death and the consequences in case of failure. Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning In the past, using car exhaust fumes to commit suicide was a well known method. Best Answer: Don't kill yourself! I know I am a stranger, but I care about you! Your life has value in this world. 1 / 5. Carbon monoxide suicide could be either by running a car engine continuously in an enclosed space like a garage or by running a pipe from the exhaust directly into the car, ideally in an enclosed area. Here are the best of the responses she received. nothing ismore painfull then death. 1. Don’t do it op. personally if i ever want to kill myself, im going to do something randomly stupid where theres a good chance that i will die, at random, and i wont see it coming. There is no sure quick and painless way to kill yourself. If you can pop it then I wouldn`t worry about it